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You know I love Cambridge Film Fest! A good opportunity to see loads of things you might not otherwise, from all over the world and from so many different people. Another chance to see old movies, and a first chance for some new films which will be released later in the year. An only chance to see some films in Cambridge! It is 20-27 Oct this year, shorter and later than before (to be in half term week and when students are around), and coinciding with Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

Scroll down this main page to see this year's list of strands - Silents, Ingrid Bergman, Michael Curtiz, Korean cinema, Cambridge African Film Festival, Family Film Festival
And here for a filterable What's On list and a pdf of the brochure

I expect to be busy on three fronts -
i) watching lots of films
ii) roving for Cambridge 105 radio with Bums on Seats film review show, for reviews, previews and interviews
iii) transcribing interviews and a few other things for Take One, the festival newspaper

I've got my shortlist down from 55 to 35 films, which is still too many for 8 days especially if trying to get interviews - and it does involve some running and luck! And not enough sleeping. And I'm working on Thursday and not sure when I finish. Here's the draft which won't survive...

Asterisk means I've bought a ticket.

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Films watched: 11 (total 135). 6 cinema, 5 BluRay/DVD, 0 tv, 0 stream, 0 LoveFilm.
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (rewatch)
The Goob
Grosse Pointe Blank
Kubo and the Two Strings
Hell or High Water
Nine Lives
The Blue Room
The Blues Brothers
The Girl with All the Gifts

Gigs etc: 1 (total 37)
Made in Dagenham (theatre, Cambridge)

Blues Brothers is great, Edgar Wright presented, with special surprise guest John Landis for Q&A afterwards.
Hell or High Water was the best film.
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Manhunt, a short I did sound for, is shortlisted for Funny Women Awards and can be seen on this here shortlist page along with the rest of the nominees. Puppets! Hard drinking! Pot Noodle!
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2.5 days into the H2Only Challenge. It's been easy enough to keep to because I am Stuborn and have Will Power, though I do dream of pouring a glass of coke and just dipping my tongue into it. I would rather not be doing this. Big ole' headaches despite tapering off for three days beforehand.

My back is sore today, in the old way (not all joints, it's not a food reaction), for no apparent reason. Perhaps Diet Coke was having a curative effect in large enough doses?

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I'm clearing out some books, anyone want any (filtered to Cambridge folk in the first instance)? I've read and enjoyed and don't expect to reread (reading rate has plummeted), or my tastes have changed. Lots of the sort of hard sf one would find available in the 90s.
Pictures behind cut because if I wait to type up a list I'll never get it done...

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Have you ever suggested I try giving up Coke? And seen my horrified cries at the idea of my beloved beloved Coke being viciously denied to me? It turns out I'd do it for money - for charity. For ten days Sep 13-23 (looks like eleven! I must check the exact times!) I'm doing the RNLI's H2Only Challenge, where I drink only water for the whole time. No tea, no coffee, no booze, no fizzy drinks, no juice. Mostly not a problem, I can go ten days without alcohol and barely notice. But losing my daily 2 litres of Diet Coke/Dr Pepper Zero is going to be sooooooo haaaarrrrddddd. Sooooooooooooooo haaaarrrrrrrrdddddddddddd. It will be horrid and I don't want to do it.

Get on over to my Just Giving page for comedy photos and to give generously. Please. Thank you.

Having spent a few days by the sea, watching boats and kite surfers and swimmers and waves and big horrible rocks and undertows, I have a new appreciation for the RNLI. Not just rescues, they also patrol beaches for safe sea swimming.
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Films watched: 14 (total 124). 8 cinema, 6 BluRay/DVD, 0 tv, 0 stream, 1 LoveFilm.
(not David Duchovny one, weird arthouse one)
Days of Heaven
Suicide Squad
The Apartment
Nina Forever
From a House on Willow Street
The Chamber (FrightFest)
Mercy (FrightFest)
They Call Me Jeeg Robot (FrightFest)
Pet (FrightFest)

Gigs etc: 5 (total 36)
Henry V (theatre, Cambridge)
Nine Worlds (convention, London)
Stuart Bowden: Wilting in Reverse (comedy, London)
Splatoon Fan Fest (gaming, London)
Little Shop of Horrors (theatre, London)
also FrightFest (film festival) but that's covered above

Quickly because in a rush today -
Good horror: Jeeg Robot, Nina Forever, Pet, The Chamber (why is this film about a submarine in a horror film festival? Oh, the claustrophobia. Oooohhhhh.)
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Films watched: 20 (total 110). 8 cinema, 8 BluRay/DVD, 3 tv, 1 stream, 1 LoveFilm.
22 Jump Street
The Descendants
The Legend of Tarzan
Rear Window
The Neon Demon
Maggie's Plan
Appropriate Behaviour
The Woodsman and The Rain
The Way Way Back
Star Trek Beyond
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeousie
Caesar Must Die
Jason Bourne
Finding Dory
The Commune
Napoleon Dynamite
Tower Heist

Gigs etc: 4 (total 31)
Shit Faced Shakespeare (comedy, London)
The Horne Section (gig/comedy, London)
Twelfth Night (theatre, Cambridge)
Millennium Mills, Aino Tytti (sound, Cambridge)

Millennium Mills was very interesting - a chap spent a year recording various sounds in a derelict mill in Docklands - wind, internal noises, mechanical, birds, water, traffic, singers echoing through the spaces. All layered to powerful and sometimes eerie effect, presented with stills of the area fading into each other to play with scale and texture.
EDIT: Now with pictures (on Facebook) here

I saw a lot of films at the cinema in July, I did the radio review show twice. Maggie's Plan was good (I've not been a Gerwig fan before, but the scene with the toe is one of the funniest I've seen this year), and I enjoyed Star Trek and Ghostbusters. BFG is sweet and dark and creepy, lovely details and design. I am having no end of fun comparing Jason Bourne and Finding Dory, as my twitter followers will know - an amnesiac tracking down secrets about their family! He's from the C.I.A., she's from the S.E.A.! When in a tight spot they look around, assess the situation, and use whatever is to hand - a biro, a chair leg, a fountain. Chase scenes!

Lots of good DVDs too. The Woodsman and The Rain is a good one to show friends who are becoming obsessive about filmmaking (I wonder why London Gigging Buddy showed me it?), wrapped up in the excitement and urgency of the shoot, also a subtle tale of father/son relationships and growth of confidence, all in a natural environment rather than Hollywood.
Caesar Must Die is filmed in a prison, with the inmates taking the roles in a production. It's the most affecting version of Julius Caesar I've seen.
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Films watched: 7 (total 90). 3 cinema, 3 BluRay/DVD, 1 stream, 0 LoveFilm.
Blow Out
The Nice Guys
Theatre of Blood
Tale of Tales
What We Do In The Shadows
Where You're Meant To Be

Gigs etc: 7 (total 27)
Stewart Lee (comedy, London)
Half Man Half Biscuit (gig, Cambridge)
Fear of Men (gig, London)
Autolux (gig, London)
The Play That Goes Wrong (theatre, London)
David Cross (comedy, London)
Yeti Lane (gig, London)

So few films! I thought last month was slight. Blow Out was recommended for sound recording purposes (John Travolta, conspiracy, and lots of magnetic tape); The Nice Guys was a hoot; Where You're Meant To Be was Aidan Moffat on a Scottish folk music tour, rewriting the songs for a modern audience - with Q and A and a live performance afterwards, very convivial evening.

Great gigs! Was having a glum and grim evening on 28th, then Yeti Lane started playing and all was good. Autolux are like the Sirens. You listen to their CD and it is haunting, intriguing and exciting, so you decide to go closer, to a live gig. Where they dash you to death on the rocks until you are just pulp and bone fragments. But in a good way.
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On Saturday I was filming in Ely Cathedral.
"You'll be on the camera up in the niche by the clock. It's quite high up. Is that ok?"
Bridget looks down the nave. Can't see a clock. Looks up. And up. And up. Argh!

Really non-scary though, a yard-wide walkway set a foot deep into the stone, with close-ish pillars behind and that wall in front where the clock is. The wall is a yard thick and the solidity is reassuring, I didn't turn green at all.

Western Tower.jpg From Western Tower.jpg


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