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2017-01-01 03:43 pm
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Films Watched December

Films watched: 26 (total 200). 12 cinema, 9 BluRay/DVD, 2 tv, 3 stream, 2 LoveFilm.
My Feral Heart (Underwire fest)
In Every Home a Heartache (Underwire fest) (shorts)
Women In Motion (Underwire fest) (shorts)
Mommie Dearest (Underwire fest) (shorts)
Mean Girls (Underwire fest) (shorts)
Lonely Two-Legged Creatures (Underwire fest) (shorts)
Austentatious: Innocence and Indolence
Debuts (Underwire fest) (shorts)
Red Road (Underwire fest)
American Pie
The Room
The Apartment
The Shop Around the Corner
Adult Life Skills
Miracle on 48th Street
The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T
Rogue One
Office Killer
The Gift
Ethel and Ernest
Green Room
Your Name
Die Hard

Gigs etc: 3 (total 45)
Underwire film festival (also counted above - 8 films/selections of shorts)
John Kearns (comedy, London)
Slow Club (gig, London)

Totally mixed bunch of films. American Pie was on tv, I'd never watched it, now I understand a load of cultural references from several years ago. Tried to feel the love for Die Hard - I'd watched it on tv once, and seen scattered bits, this time was in 70mm at Prince Charles cinema with an afficionado but I just don't get it. I feel sorry for his poor vest.

Your Name is lovely, animation, would probably appeal to sf fans. In cinemas at the moment but limited release.

Nice to be given a bunch of Christmas classics for the radio review show - introduced me to The Shop on the Corner and Miracle on 48th Street (original version).

200 films is a nice total (111 at the cinema) - 215 last year, 179 the year before.
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2016-12-06 11:49 am
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Films Watched November

Films watched: 109 (total 174). 2 cinema, 4 BluRay/DVD, 0 tv, 4 stream, 2 LoveFilm.
The Innocents
Notes on Blindness
Look Back in Anger
Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead
8 1/2
Boogie Nights

Gigs etc: 2 (total 42)
Austentatious (improv, London)
Rumpelstiltskin (panto, Cambridge)

I'm having a good year for getting out to live theatre/music/comedy! Two more booked in for December.

Films: I've been trying to use my Mubi and LoveFilm subscriptions a bit more, as monthly subs they're only good value if you watch things! LoveFilm has a few DVDs that are hard to find now, and Mubi has a great curated programme, so I'm not looking for reasons to drop them.

Election was a hoot, nice counterpoint to recent events, though the teacher's visceral hatred of the ambitious competent girl campaigning to be student president was hard to stomach in places.

8 1/2 (first Fellini I've watched) and Boogie Nights turned out to be an interesting double bill - both to some extent featuring director characters who wanted to make an honest film. I liked a lot about 8 1/2, the shifts from dream to reality, the director's conversations about the meaning of his film which we clutch at to try to find the meaning here, beautiful images (early on, a train arrives at a white painted station, spotlight, with floral urns, churchlike), the immediate and crushing reaction of adults to early childhood sexual awakenings which the children probably don't fully comprehend. How many allusions - he wants to find the key, is it held by the cardinal? Or by Claudia Cardinale? Wonderful costumes.

Notes on Blindness is a new documentary, based on tape recordings theologian John Hull and his family made when he went blind in the early 80s, as he tries to understand the meaning of blindness. Scenes are recreated using actors, but all the sound is original from the tapes, or from interviews with John and his wife remembering events, the actors doing lip sync. There is an interesting layered effect, as in some scenes we're listening to John record and play back, the sound slightly distorted each time. It was distributed in several formats - with traditional Audio Description, a version narrated by Stephen Mangan whose voice added a lot of richness and nuance, and an enriched description using the family's narrative.
Loooook, you can watch the different versions here for comparison on the Accessibility page. http://www.notesonblindness.co.uk/

There was a stunning scene, coming from the experience of being outside in the rain and being able to hear where the trees and benches were as the the rain falling on them made a surrounding soundscape - and wishing it could rain indoors. Quite beautiful.
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2016-11-11 09:01 am
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Films Watched October

Films watched: 29 (total 164). 27 cinema, 1 BluRay/DVD, 0 tv, 1 stream, 0 LoveFilm.
The Driver
Young Frankenstein

One of Us (Cambridge Film Fest)
I, Daniel Blake (Cambridge Film Fest)
Making It (Cambridge Film Fest)
Train to Busan (Cambridge Film Fest)
El Sur (Cambridge Film Fest)
ShortFusion: Glass Ceiling (Cambridge Film Fest)
Destiny (Cambridge Film Fest) (silent)
The Fabulous Nicholas Brothers (Cambridge Film Fest)
ShortFusion: Film Hub Central East (Cambridge Film Fest)
Things of the Ancient Wanderer (Cambridge Film Fest)
Paterson (Cambridge Film Fest)
Microcinema: Programme 1 (Cambridge Film Fest)
Two Timid Souls (Cambridge Film Fest) (silent)
Cambridge Shorts (Cambridge Film Fest)
Microcinema: Kingdom of Shadows (Cambridge Film Fest)
Francesca (Cambridge Film Fest)
Zanzibar Soccer Dreams (Cambridge Film Fest)
The Bacchus Lady (Cambridge Film Fest)
The Virus of Fear (Cambridge Film Fest)
The Breaking Point (Cambridge Film Fest)
Wonderland (Cambridge Film Fest)
Crash, and (Always Crashing) (Cambridge Film Fest)
The Love Witch (Cambridge Film Fest)
It's Only the End of the World (Cambridge Film Fest)
Gog 3D (Cambridge Film Fest)
A Quiet Passion (Cambridge Film Fest)
Snowden (Cambridge Film Fest)

Gigs etc: 3 (total 40)
Holy Fuck (gig, London)
margate/dreamland (poetry/gig, London)
Slow Club (gig, London)

Had a great time at Cambridge Film Fest, also did some interviews and three radio slots and a song. Mostly new films, not a lot of retrospectives/archive this time. Hope to write more later but it's Nov 11 already and these were October films...
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2016-10-15 12:20 pm
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Cambridge Film Festival draft plan

You know I love Cambridge Film Fest! A good opportunity to see loads of things you might not otherwise, from all over the world and from so many different people. Another chance to see old movies, and a first chance for some new films which will be released later in the year. An only chance to see some films in Cambridge! It is 20-27 Oct this year, shorter and later than before (to be in half term week and when students are around), and coinciding with Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

Scroll down this main page to see this year's list of strands - Silents, Ingrid Bergman, Michael Curtiz, Korean cinema, Cambridge African Film Festival, Family Film Festival
And here for a filterable What's On list and a pdf of the brochure

I expect to be busy on three fronts -
i) watching lots of films
ii) roving for Cambridge 105 radio with Bums on Seats film review show, for reviews, previews and interviews
iii) transcribing interviews and a few other things for Take One, the festival newspaper

I've got my shortlist down from 55 to 35 films, which is still too many for 8 days especially if trying to get interviews - and it does involve some running and luck! And not enough sleeping. And I'm working on Thursday and not sure when I finish. Here's the draft which won't survive...

Asterisk means I've bought a ticket.

Plan A )
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2016-10-01 06:33 pm
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Films Watched September

Films watched: 11 (total 135). 6 cinema, 5 BluRay/DVD, 0 tv, 0 stream, 0 LoveFilm.
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (rewatch)
The Goob
Grosse Pointe Blank
Kubo and the Two Strings
Hell or High Water
Nine Lives
The Blue Room
The Blues Brothers
The Girl with All the Gifts

Gigs etc: 1 (total 37)
Made in Dagenham (theatre, Cambridge)

Blues Brothers is great, Edgar Wright presented, with special surprise guest John Landis for Q&A afterwards.
Hell or High Water was the best film.
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2016-09-01 08:24 am
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Films Watched August

Films watched: 14 (total 124). 8 cinema, 6 BluRay/DVD, 0 tv, 0 stream, 1 LoveFilm.
(not David Duchovny one, weird arthouse one)
Days of Heaven
Suicide Squad
The Apartment
Nina Forever
From a House on Willow Street
The Chamber (FrightFest)
Mercy (FrightFest)
They Call Me Jeeg Robot (FrightFest)
Pet (FrightFest)

Gigs etc: 5 (total 36)
Henry V (theatre, Cambridge)
Nine Worlds (convention, London)
Stuart Bowden: Wilting in Reverse (comedy, London)
Splatoon Fan Fest (gaming, London)
Little Shop of Horrors (theatre, London)
also FrightFest (film festival) but that's covered above

Quickly because in a rush today -
Good horror: Jeeg Robot, Nina Forever, Pet, The Chamber (why is this film about a submarine in a horror film festival? Oh, the claustrophobia. Oooohhhhh.)
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2016-08-02 08:58 pm
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Films Watched July

Films watched: 20 (total 110). 8 cinema, 8 BluRay/DVD, 3 tv, 1 stream, 1 LoveFilm.
22 Jump Street
The Descendants
The Legend of Tarzan
Rear Window
The Neon Demon
Maggie's Plan
Appropriate Behaviour
The Woodsman and The Rain
The Way Way Back
Star Trek Beyond
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeousie
Caesar Must Die
Jason Bourne
Finding Dory
The Commune
Napoleon Dynamite
Tower Heist

Gigs etc: 4 (total 31)
Shit Faced Shakespeare (comedy, London)
The Horne Section (gig/comedy, London)
Twelfth Night (theatre, Cambridge)
Millennium Mills, Aino Tytti (sound, Cambridge)

Millennium Mills was very interesting - a chap spent a year recording various sounds in a derelict mill in Docklands - wind, internal noises, mechanical, birds, water, traffic, singers echoing through the spaces. All layered to powerful and sometimes eerie effect, presented with stills of the area fading into each other to play with scale and texture.
EDIT: Now with pictures (on Facebook) here

I saw a lot of films at the cinema in July, I did the radio review show twice. Maggie's Plan was good (I've not been a Gerwig fan before, but the scene with the toe is one of the funniest I've seen this year), and I enjoyed Star Trek and Ghostbusters. BFG is sweet and dark and creepy, lovely details and design. I am having no end of fun comparing Jason Bourne and Finding Dory, as my twitter followers will know - an amnesiac tracking down secrets about their family! He's from the C.I.A., she's from the S.E.A.! When in a tight spot they look around, assess the situation, and use whatever is to hand - a biro, a chair leg, a fountain. Chase scenes!

Lots of good DVDs too. The Woodsman and The Rain is a good one to show friends who are becoming obsessive about filmmaking (I wonder why London Gigging Buddy showed me it?), wrapped up in the excitement and urgency of the shoot, also a subtle tale of father/son relationships and growth of confidence, all in a natural environment rather than Hollywood.
Caesar Must Die is filmed in a prison, with the inmates taking the roles in a production. It's the most affecting version of Julius Caesar I've seen.
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2016-07-01 12:32 pm
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Films Watched June

Films watched: 7 (total 90). 3 cinema, 3 BluRay/DVD, 1 stream, 0 LoveFilm.
Blow Out
The Nice Guys
Theatre of Blood
Tale of Tales
What We Do In The Shadows
Where You're Meant To Be

Gigs etc: 7 (total 27)
Stewart Lee (comedy, London)
Half Man Half Biscuit (gig, Cambridge)
Fear of Men (gig, London)
Autolux (gig, London)
The Play That Goes Wrong (theatre, London)
David Cross (comedy, London)
Yeti Lane (gig, London)

So few films! I thought last month was slight. Blow Out was recommended for sound recording purposes (John Travolta, conspiracy, and lots of magnetic tape); The Nice Guys was a hoot; Where You're Meant To Be was Aidan Moffat on a Scottish folk music tour, rewriting the songs for a modern audience - with Q and A and a live performance afterwards, very convivial evening.

Great gigs! Was having a glum and grim evening on 28th, then Yeti Lane started playing and all was good. Autolux are like the Sirens. You listen to their CD and it is haunting, intriguing and exciting, so you decide to go closer, to a live gig. Where they dash you to death on the rocks until you are just pulp and bone fragments. But in a good way.
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2016-06-02 11:18 am
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Films Watched May

Films watched: 12 (total 83). 8 cinema, 3 BluRay/DVD, 1 tv, 0 LoveFilm.
Point Break (rewatch)
Son of Saul
Captain America: Civil War

Tindersticks pre-event screening, four local filmmakers
The Look of Silence (rewatch)
Ryd Cook - local short film screenings
A Hologram For the King
All Is Lost
Sister Act
Zero for Conduct
Love and Friendship

Gigs etc: 5 (total 20)
Linton Zoo
Fred's House (gig, Cambridge)
Sara Pascoe (comedy, London)
Eddie Izzard (comedy, Cambridge)
Shit-Faced Shakespeare (comedy theatre, London)

Not my filmiest month! Love and Friendship was very funny, Jane Austen adaptation, in cinemas now and recommended. Also liked A Hologram For the King, and Son of Saul. Zero for Conduct is one of these terribly influential films, 1933 French about anarchic schoolkids, with some amazing scenes. I'm now getting copies of things (like If....) that it influenced.

Ryd's screening included (links here) Single to London, which I did 1AD for (various screenings, is at Toronto Smartphone Film Festival this weekend).

A much better month for gigs, but I missed two due to bad health (Dandy Warhols and Suuns), and we only caught the last 20 mins of the Shakespeare due to an incident on the train line. I'm still ambivalent as to whether it's cringey or funny, to watch a show where one actor is thoroughly drunk. Bit of both. Lots of opportunities for improv.
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2016-05-03 01:23 pm
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Films Watched April

Films watched: 16 (total 71). 11 cinema, 1 stream, 3 BluRay/DVD, 1 tv, 1 LoveFilm.
Histoire(s) du Cinéma
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Barton Fink
Eddie the Eagle
Run Lola Run
Eye in the Sky
Runaway Jury
The Sacrifice
Midnight Special
The Jungle Book
In the Heat of the Night
Mapplethorpe: Look At The Pictures
Louder Than Bombs
Sci-Fi London Shorts 5
Fireworks Wednesday

Gigs etc: 4 (total 15)
Rob Beckett (comedy, London)
AKDK (gig, London)
Bridget Christie (comedy, Cambridge)
Bank of England museum

And watched the last 16 episodes of Breaking Bad over a week.

The Godard Histoire(s) was pretty hard going, 3 DVDs (from Lovefilm), juxtaposition of images, also of multiple voices and printed text. It felt like it ought to be profound in an expressionistic or Jungian way while watching, but I remember little of it. The last two Tarkovskys were easier, but it will take a second watching (in my Copious Spare Time) to say anything much intelligent about them.
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2016-04-04 10:40 pm
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Films Watched March

Films watched: 20 (total 55). 12 cinema, 1 stream, 3 BluRay/DVD, 4 tv, 0 LoveFilm.
Ivan's Childhood
Hail, Caesar
Watersprite Award winners
The Mirror
Andrei Rublev
Taxi Driver
10 Cloverfield Lane
Pacific Rim (rewatch on friend's New Large Telly, vg)
The Adjustment Bureau
Time Bandits
War Horse
Bad Teacher

Gigs etc (8-11)
Alice in Wonderland (exhibition, British Library)
Of Montreal (gig, London)
Akhnaten (opera, London)
Bo Ningen (gig, London)

I think I filled March with interesting things to take my mind off work! Akhnaten was amazing, stunningly staged, I was gripped throughout even though it was nearly 3 hours of hypnotic music and slow slow movements.

My film watching was driven by Bums on Seats radio show and a Tarkovsky season - I'd only seen Solaris, and the Picturehouse were showing all seven films, one per day. They're repeating them in batches to mid April and I hope to complete the set. I need to not pick my favourite seat though, it's far too comfortable, and in the snug cinema I found it hard to keep awake, which was a massive waste of the experience. I watched High-Rise, Marguerite, 10 Cloverfield Lane and Zootropolis for the radio - High-Rise twice as I wanted to catch more of how the edit and sound worked. The kaleidoscope motif used in the posters appears in the editing too; the jumble through of close living. Marguerite was just lovely, but with an interesting darker undercurrent of deception running through the whole piece, not just people kindly mis-praising her singing. I enjoyed watching the elements of that unfold and entangle. Hail, Caesar was good fun. No, I had never seen Taxi Driver or Time Bandits before March.
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2016-02-02 09:17 pm
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Films watched January

Films watched: 16 or maybe 15, includes one third of a multi-part thing. I'll say 15. 9 cinema, 3 stream, 3 BluRay/DVD, 0 LoveFilm.
It Follows
The Danish Girl
The Hateful Eight
Bottle Rocket
The Squid and The Whale
The Revenant
The Big Short
The Assassin
While We're Young

Loads of good films - top few are Room, Spotlight, Creed, The Big Short.
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2016-01-01 12:11 pm
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Books and Films December

Books read (17)
Saga, volume 4

Films watched (205-215) (4 at the cinema, 5 DVD, 0 LoveFilm, 2 tv)
Into the Wild
Bridge of Spies
The Inbetweeners 2
The Fisher King
The Red Shoes
A Most Wanted Man
The Good Dinosaur
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Date Night

Total of 74 at the cinema: 24 Arts Picturehouse, 35 Cineworld/The Light, 9 Prince Charles, 6 Other. 15 LoveFilm so I'm not getting the best from my subscription but it's not a definite cancel yet.

A rubbish year for reading. Still have several hundred on the unread shelves and keep buying more :-)

Gigs, comedy, clubs etc (21-22)
Django Django with Stealing Sheep (gig, London)
James Acaster (comedy, London)
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2015-12-03 06:41 pm
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Films and Books November

Books read (16)
Ready Player One, Ernest Cline (2011)

Films watched (192-204) (7 at the cinema, 1 DVD, 1 LoveFilm, 5 tv)
The Prince of Tides
Flirting with Disaster
Side by Side
The Lady in the Van
Steve Jobs
Strawberry Shorts Commendations
The Dressmaker
A Fistful of Fingers

Gigs, comedy, clubs etc (20)
Suuns/Jerusalem In My Heart (gig, London)

Loved The Dressmaker, and Carol was very good.
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2015-10-10 09:21 am
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Books and films September

Books read (12-13)
Moon Over Soho, Ben Aaronovitch (2011)
Foundation, Isaac Asimov (1951) (reread for SF Book Club)

Films watched (145-179) (10 at the cinema, 25 DVD, 1 LoveFilm) (yes that's 35 films in a month - Film Festival and week on hol with dodgy back meant serious getting through the To Watch shelf) (let's cut-tag them)
Thirty five films )

Gigs, comedy, clubs etc (17)
Bill Bailey (comedy, Junction)

Cinema good: The Spiderwebhouse (based on true story of children who secretly look after themselves for year while Mum in hospital, neat dark fairytale threads), The Hallow (creepy horror), Bill (if you like Horrible Histories check out this Shakespeare)

DVD good: Melancholia passed the test of "can you discuss this film for longer than its run time" and it's a long film! On the surface it's a planet approaching Earth - amazing spectacle or will it hit? But is full of depression allegories. Very arty.
Also good: Of Horses and Men, A Tale of Two Sisters, Ong-Bak. Good to catch up on a load of classics I've not seen before like The Hills Have Eyes, Manchurian Candidate, Night of the Living Dead. I feel proper film-educated now.
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2015-08-03 09:17 am
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Books and Films July

Books read (9-10)
The Martian, Andy Weir (2013)
Partial Eclipse and Other Stories, Graham Joyce (2003)

Films watched (101-120) (12 at the cinema, 5 DVD, 2 tv, 1 stream Mubi)
Big Hero 6
Slow West
Magic Mike XXL
The Hunt
Love and Mercy
Jurassic World
Step Up
Song of the Sea
The Salt of the Earth
Step Up 2 The Streets
Two Days, One Night
Cube 2: Hypercube
Inside Out
LSFF Documentaries by women directors
Reel Women short film programme
La Jetée

Gigs, comedy, clubs etc (15-16)
Exilicon (geek convention, Cambridge)
The Merry Wives of Windsor (theatre, Cambridge, open air Shakespeare Festival)

So many good films this month!
At the cinema: Slow West (coming of age Western by chap out of The Beta Band, great young boy/old hand performances), Love and Mercy (Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, Paul Dano immerses self in role (and pool), lots of scenes showing how studio recordings work), Spy (funny), Song of the Sea (selkie animated story from Tomm Moore of The Secret of Kells, so beautiful, buy on DVD for your kids at Christmas even if they're grown up), Reel Women monthly Cambridge shorts (animation this time, loads of amazing/funny/sad/punk/beautiful things).

Unfortunately I have now watched La Jetée and will feel compelled to make some trite film-schooly knockoff.

I did not mean to rewatch Cube 2; I didn't like it, and must have erased the traces of it from my memory quite efficiently.
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2015-07-05 04:03 pm
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Books and Films June

Books read (8)
The Goblin Emperor, Katherine Addison (2014)

Films watched (90-100) (4 at the cinema, 5 DVD, 2 tv, 2 LoveFilm)
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
Strawberry Shorts Film Festival
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Leaving Las Vegas
The Look of Silence
Mr Holmes
Night Watch

Gigs, comedy, clubs etc (11-14)
Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy (art, London)
Stewart Francis: Pun Gent (comedy, London Bloomsbury Theatre)
Alex Horne: Monsieur Butterfly (comedy, London Soho Theatre)
AK/DK (gig, London)
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2015-06-01 05:37 pm
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Books and Films May

Books read (6-7)
Mort, Terry Pratchett (1987) (reread)
Tiny Pieces of Skull, Roz Kaveney (2015)

Films watched (69-89) (11 at the cinema, 7 DVD, 1 tv, 3 LoveFilm, 2 other)
I Heart Huckabees
August: Osage County
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence
Mad Max
Mad Max 2
Force Majeure
Mad Max: Fury Road
About Time
Mad Max: Fury Road
(rewatch, IMAX)
Clouds of Sils Maria
Pan's Labyrinth
Pitch Perfect 2
Um, Mad Max: Fury Road (rewatch)
Far From the Madding Crowd
The Wolf of Wall Street
Shutter Island (rewatch)

Gigs, comedy, clubs etc (10)
Fylm Club, Simon Munnery (comedy, London Soho Theatre)

What a month for films! I liked Mad Max (obv), also strongly recommend Force Majeure, Clouds of Sils Maria, Girlhood, Pigeon Sat on a Branch. It was interesting revisiting Far From the Madding Crowd since I read it at school, and understanding much more of the complexity of the characters. I have sprung for the Infinity card at my very local cinema, £16.95 for as many films as you like, but it doesn't seem to be stopping me from going to the Arts Picturehouse too.
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2015-05-02 09:09 pm
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Books and Films April

Books read (5)
Not a one this month!

Films watched (49-68) (5 at the cinema, 8 DVD, 3 tv, 1 stream, 2 LoveFilm, 3 other)
Pretty Woman (rewatch)
The Kids Are All Right
The Brothers Bloom
The Wind Rises
The Darjeeling Limited
Blade Runner: The Final Cut
(rewatch, kinda)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (rewatch)
John Wick
So I Married An Axe Murderer
American Hustle
The One I Love
A Little Chaos
Child 44
The Great Beauty
Irma Vep
Avengers: Age of Ultron

Gigs, comedy, clubs etc (8-9)
The Hard Problem (NTLive theatre at cinema)
Omid Djalili (talk at Cambridge Literary Festival)
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2015-04-01 07:25 am
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Books and Film March

Books read (5)
Hild, Nicola Griffith (2014)

Films watched (36-48) (3 at the cinema, 6 DVD, 3 tv, 1 LoveFilm)
Albert Nobbs
The Conversation
Gone Girl
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Star Trek
(Abrams) (rewatch)
Les Diaboliques
Still Alice
The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
In Bruges
Kill Your Darlings
Stranger by the Lake

Gigs, comedy, clubs etc (4-7)
Simon Munnery Sings Soren Kierkegaard (comedy, London)
Richard Herring: Lord of the Dance Settee (comedy, Junction, Cambridge)
Linton Zoo
The Gilded Birdcage (burlesque club night, Cambridge)

Films at the cinema: I enjoyed Chappie, and it did have some interesting things to say (including about parenting), but I left thinking "I want to rewatch Robocop" and so I did.

The course I'm doing is taking a chunk of my reading time, but if I was only going to read one book, Hild was a good one. I tried cutting down on exercise but that wasn't good so I'm back up to trying for 5 miles per day.