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posted by [personal profile] bugshaw at 10:36am on 16/10/2017
The Treehouse film I made last summer is premiering at St Neots Film Festival on Wed 8 Nov!
I'll be going along with my big Film Premiere coat :-)
It will be made public on vimeo the next day and I can post it here if anyone's interested.

Dish Life (short with children being stem cells in petri dish) has made New York Times' Ten Things To Do In NYC This Week list (For Children section) - the director and scientist are over there now and having a great time.
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posted by [personal profile] bugshaw at 08:14pm on 03/07/2017
It's the time of year when worms glow in Cherry Hinton chalk pits - spotting events on Wednesday evenings Jul 12, 19, 26 for those interested
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posted by [personal profile] bugshaw at 10:31am on 18/01/2017
This might go humorously wrong. I signed up again to a social meetup group, and one of the events is a Sofar Secret gig! https://www.sofarsounds.com/

You buy a ticket for a city+date, it could be anyone and anywhere - a pub, a gym, a living room - they email the day before with the address.

8 people signed up to the meetup so it looked like a nice event to go to, for some new music and new people. But... I'm the only one who's been successful in buying a ticket, even the meetup organiser is just on the pending list. They have an unusual ticketing mechanism though, a guarantee with your first ticket that you can get 1-2 more (so you can take friends your first time) so I've got 2 more tickets for group members (and one definite taker) but...

EDIT: Two takers, both very pleased to have tickets.
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posted by [personal profile] bugshaw at 03:33pm on 17/01/2017
I've just imported my LJ into Dreamwidth, it all seemed to go quickly and smoothly. This is a crosspost test.
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posted by [personal profile] bugshaw at 12:45pm on 10/01/2017
Like a few others, I'm having LJ issues - hopefully they're temporary glitches.
I couldn't see comments on several journals, including my own, I thought it might be a style issue as I could see comments on [livejournal.com profile] nwhyte's journal which disappeared when I checked "View in own style" (then Air). Changed my style to his Minimal Blue and my journal and feed now look different but when I click to read comments the pages are still in the old style and I still can't read comments on my own journal, but perhaps you can...

Can't find a setting option to apply style/theme to the individual entries.

In other news, Southampton trip was good, got home easily despite tube strike (direct bus from Waterloo to King's Cross), and can definitely manage a 2hr 20min train journey now.

This is a day off after 7 busy days in a row, I was hoping to spend more of it doing fun things not fettling LJ :-/ Thought the change of journal style would be a quick fix, but no.

Oh, and I've lost the hover/drop down menus in the top bar, and the option to set to friends-only. Hello, world!

EDIT: Top Tip: If you're desperate to read comments on an entry and can't see them, View Source and Find the word article, which has five uses on the main entry and then precedes each comment.

EDIT2: fixed it for myself, though possibly temporarily
First I went here http://www.livejournal.com/customize/ and chose the theme Minimal Blue.

Then I went here http://www.livejournal.com/customize/options.bml and set
Disable customised comment pages for your journal = No

Now when I go to a comment page and can't see comments and tick the box near the top "View in own style", I can see comments.

Still don't have security settings or hover menus.
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posted by [personal profile] bugshaw at 03:43pm on 01/01/2017 under
Films watched: 26 (total 200). 12 cinema, 9 BluRay/DVD, 2 tv, 3 stream, 2 LoveFilm.
My Feral Heart (Underwire fest)
In Every Home a Heartache (Underwire fest) (shorts)
Women In Motion (Underwire fest) (shorts)
Mommie Dearest (Underwire fest) (shorts)
Mean Girls (Underwire fest) (shorts)
Lonely Two-Legged Creatures (Underwire fest) (shorts)
Austentatious: Innocence and Indolence
Debuts (Underwire fest) (shorts)
Red Road (Underwire fest)
American Pie
The Room
The Apartment
The Shop Around the Corner
Adult Life Skills
Miracle on 48th Street
The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T
Rogue One
Office Killer
The Gift
Ethel and Ernest
Green Room
Your Name
Die Hard

Gigs etc: 3 (total 45)
Underwire film festival (also counted above - 8 films/selections of shorts)
John Kearns (comedy, London)
Slow Club (gig, London)

Totally mixed bunch of films. American Pie was on tv, I'd never watched it, now I understand a load of cultural references from several years ago. Tried to feel the love for Die Hard - I'd watched it on tv once, and seen scattered bits, this time was in 70mm at Prince Charles cinema with an afficionado but I just don't get it. I feel sorry for his poor vest.

Your Name is lovely, animation, would probably appeal to sf fans. In cinemas at the moment but limited release.

Nice to be given a bunch of Christmas classics for the radio review show - introduced me to The Shop on the Corner and Miracle on 48th Street (original version).

200 films is a nice total (111 at the cinema) - 215 last year, 179 the year before.
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posted by [personal profile] bugshaw at 07:51am on 25/12/2016
And all the best for the new year, may it bring all manner of good things to you and the world.

Figgie puddings are on trend for cards this year, a row of smiling puds above my telly :-)
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posted by [personal profile] bugshaw at 10:21am on 17/12/2016
1. Stop spontaneously telling people how old you are. No one who hasn't asked needs to hear that in the old days you had to post off film in an envelope to be developed, or that you only saw every other episode of Doctor Who because it was shown on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and on Tuesdays you had Brownies, and home VCRs weren't prevalent. If someone asks which Star Trek was your favourite in your childhood, TOS or Next Gen, just smile and say TOS. Don't ask teenagers "Did you never have the conversation with your parents where they asked you to get off the internet because they want to make a phone call" as it just leads to half the office making beeping whistling noises.

I don't know where this urge comes from, it's quite recent, but I'm annoying even myself and will try to stop.

This post is absolutely an invitation for people to share things about their childhood that were different from mine if you feel the urge, I am genuinely interested :-) Pretend this post is a themed genzine. Yes, we used to print out our thoughts and photocopy them and post them in envelopes to people in the old days.
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Films watched: 109 (total 174). 2 cinema, 4 BluRay/DVD, 0 tv, 4 stream, 2 LoveFilm.
The Innocents
Notes on Blindness
Look Back in Anger
Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead
8 1/2
Boogie Nights

Gigs etc: 2 (total 42)
Austentatious (improv, London)
Rumpelstiltskin (panto, Cambridge)

I'm having a good year for getting out to live theatre/music/comedy! Two more booked in for December.

Films: I've been trying to use my Mubi and LoveFilm subscriptions a bit more, as monthly subs they're only good value if you watch things! LoveFilm has a few DVDs that are hard to find now, and Mubi has a great curated programme, so I'm not looking for reasons to drop them.

Election was a hoot, nice counterpoint to recent events, though the teacher's visceral hatred of the ambitious competent girl campaigning to be student president was hard to stomach in places.

8 1/2 (first Fellini I've watched) and Boogie Nights turned out to be an interesting double bill - both to some extent featuring director characters who wanted to make an honest film. I liked a lot about 8 1/2, the shifts from dream to reality, the director's conversations about the meaning of his film which we clutch at to try to find the meaning here, beautiful images (early on, a train arrives at a white painted station, spotlight, with floral urns, churchlike), the immediate and crushing reaction of adults to early childhood sexual awakenings which the children probably don't fully comprehend. How many allusions - he wants to find the key, is it held by the cardinal? Or by Claudia Cardinale? Wonderful costumes.

Notes on Blindness is a new documentary, based on tape recordings theologian John Hull and his family made when he went blind in the early 80s, as he tries to understand the meaning of blindness. Scenes are recreated using actors, but all the sound is original from the tapes, or from interviews with John and his wife remembering events, the actors doing lip sync. There is an interesting layered effect, as in some scenes we're listening to John record and play back, the sound slightly distorted each time. It was distributed in several formats - with traditional Audio Description, a version narrated by Stephen Mangan whose voice added a lot of richness and nuance, and an enriched description using the family's narrative.
Loooook, you can watch the different versions here for comparison on the Accessibility page. http://www.notesonblindness.co.uk/

There was a stunning scene, coming from the experience of being outside in the rain and being able to hear where the trees and benches were as the the rain falling on them made a surrounding soundscape - and wishing it could rain indoors. Quite beautiful.
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Here's Dish Life, part of the Cambridge Shorts film series to show university research in an interesting way. You may recall me talking in the summer about children in paddling pools pretending to be stem cells - here they are! (Sound Recordist) (8 mins)


Pain in the Machine is a good one too - whether we could create a robot that feels pain, and the reasons this might be useful

I want to be liver.


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